4-13-13 Wedding at The Josephine Butler Parks Center with Uplighting-Bialek’s Music

This past Saturday I DJ at a wedding at The Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington DC through Bialek’s Music.  I also provided up-lighting in some areas of the venue to enhance the experience.

The weather was around 60 degrees on Saturday which really helped a bar they had set up at the balcony of the venue. I set up a couple of lights and it made all the difference when it got dark.

They had dinner in a separate room, where they had a gentlemen play the piano while they ate dinner.

After the dinner, and toasts, the dancing took place in a different room. I used 4 LED lights to flood the entire room. These lights were DMX so i was able to change the lighting throughout the night. For example when the bride and her father did their dance. I had the static color below.

Then when the dancing started I was able to synchronize the lights with the music. As you can see below look how much fun they had.

I had a blast working this wedding. The bride and groom were very nice. Their guests happiness showed through out the entire wedding.

My staff and I arrived to the venue as early as the The Josephine Butler Parks Center allowed. We were set up on time and worked together with the catering to help move things around and be ready for the guests arrival. My goal is always to work as a team with the catering staff, the venue, the photographer, and anyone else that’s working the wedding to please the bride and groom. At the end of the day we all have a common goal, therefore is in our best interest to work in harmony to create a successful event.

4/12/13 Wedding with Uplights at Top of The Town in Arlington Virginia

Friday 4/12/13 I had the pleasure of djing at a couple’s wedding at a wonderful venue with an unforgettable view of the DC monuments. The venue is called Top of The Town and they are located in Arlington, Virginia. The wedding had about 140 guests. I was contracted by Chris Styles DJ’s on this wedding.

First and foremost I tell all of my clients, the Bride and Groom are the party. Which means if they are happy, then everyone is happy. If they are dancing, everyone is going to dance. This couple was awesome at keeping their guests happy. Starting from the welcome speech, all the way to dancing until the very last song.

I provided uplighting for this couple’s wedding. It’s amazing how much difference the lighting can make in a wedding. When you ask couple’s what they are looking for in their wedding, the two most used words are “Elegant and Fun”. The lights help a lot take your wedding environment to the next level. Take a look at this video of how they looked.



This crowd loved dancing. As soon as I started the dancing music. The crowd rushed to the dancefloor and started dancing happily. This picture was taken 3 minutes into the dancing.

This wedding had a bar outside on the terrace of the venue, the weather was excellent during this occasion.

During the dinner the client wanted to switch the color of the uplighting to match the second color of their table decorations. I was able to do that from the click of a button since I had the lights controlled by a DMX controller.

The party was a complete success. The guests were extremely happy with the music and the flow of the wedding. The decorations were beautiful. I recommend Top of Town because the staff there will work with you every step of the way. They will have two ladies on site the day of the event to make sure everything flows smoothly. Also they will work in harmony with the catering and entertainment.


Michael Cruz




Live Drummer and DJ at a Corporate Party in Maryland

We recently did a corporate party and they had an interesting request. They were interested in a live band, but also a DJ. They decided to go for a live drummer to play along the DJ. I knew this would be a great idea,but personally i never tried it. I was as excited as they were for the event. I have DJed at many corporate parties every year, and the problem many companies face is having a dull event. For some employees it almost feels like they are actually going to work. It is very important to put an event together that your employees are going to like, because after all they are the reason why you are having the event in the first place. You want to recognize their hard work and give back to them.

This group loved line dances. This is a short video of our live drummer playing along the wobble song

In case the live drummer didn’t work out, we always had our staff ready to step in as back up dancers. HA!


Written by: Michael Cruz


Your Company Happy Hour Will Never be the Same

After a long day of training a law association decided to hire a DJ for their happy Hour. When the people walked into the room and heard the music all of the sudden their guards went down, and they immediately relaxed. They knew it was time to have fun and enjoy conversation with their lawyers friends who they just spent an entire day training with.

I was playing top 40 house music, and a little bit of oldies. I kept the volume at a level people can enjoy the music but most importantly hear the person next to them.

At the end of the night the president came up to me and shook my hand. He congratulated me on helping this association have a successful happy hour.

Wedding at Harbourtowne in St. Michaels

Harbourtowne in St. Michaels, Maryland it’s a beautiful location to have your wedding. This client had their ceremony and reception right by the water.